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Crossover optimization and speaker measurement - News

SOFMEA is a conception tool for loudspeakers. It's possible to measure loudspeakers, to visualize the result, and to simulate a crossover with it. If your enclosure is already designed, Sofmea will offer you all you need to create the crossover. If you want to test it, you can dowload it at the Downlaod section. If you need some help from our team or from other web users, please feel free to post a message on our Forum, others subjects such as Do it Yourself or Music are discussed over there. If you want to keep being informed about Sofmea and to have advanced access to the Forum, you can register, it is completely free.

Last news :
9.01.2012 : Forum creation.
10.01.2012 : Sofmea is online.
11.01.2012 : Tutorials are being prepared.
15.01.2012 : The first tutorial on the measurement procedure is online.
29.02.2012 : A second version of the software is online with some bugs corrrections and ploting improvements.
17.03.2012 : Sofmea V1.0 is online with a major speed improvement when computing the impulse response. A new optimization feature is available on the simulation interface. Ask for a free 15 days trial activation key.
28.05.2012 : Sofmea V1.1 is online with a new interface organization, new messages concerning the file format, minor bug fixes, the possibility to save curves in the simulation or optimization interface and the view of the mouse coordinates in the visualization interface..
01.11.2012 : Article about where to place the microphon vertically on the page How to measure a box ? New Sofmea area on Facebook.
18.11.2012 : New How To on crossover optimization available.
5.03.2013 : Sofmea V1.2 is online, new microphone placement computation tool and bug fix for frequency response computation wich was impossible on V1.1.
20.06.2013 : Sofmea V2.0 offer a new possibility. Get the frequency response and phase in one click. You just have to open the file recorded with the microphone, playing the file 'mlss_3s.wav' through your system. (File -> Express Measuring)
15.08.2016 : Test new indoor sports apps for Android (running or cycling).

It is important not to select a working directory without a character such as space '(' [...] in order to get acces to your files correctly with the soft. In order to avoid this problem, Sofmea is installed on the root directory of your disk by default. Thanks in advance.
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